Funding for Minnesota Startups

Get in the Groove

Are you building an amazing startup in Minnesota? Groove will be supporting small teams with high potential, who have detailed plans for achieving larger, later stage milestones.

The fund will be investing in many industries, but will favor the verticals that can be supported by Minnesota’s most robust resource networks; think ag tech, food, healthcare, education, energy, enterprise SaaS, financial services, medical device, retail, and sports & fitness.

We’re interested in bold ideas backed by action
Investments will target companies with:
- A market thesis
- A Minimal Viable Product
- A sales pipeline
- Evidence of the ability to execute upon a plan
- An ability & determination to cross the chasm

…who are located in Minnesota

Looking for an investment?

Please send us your information. Groove will not be making investments until early 2021, but we are interested in starting the conversation.