Invest with Groove

Supporting great startups at a critical stage in their development

Groove is Minnesota’s first capital group that combines the due diligence & lead investing practices of a traditional venture fund with an angel network to accelerate early stage investments in Minnesota startups.

A high volume, first check fund
The fund will invest at the Pre-Seed Stage in small teams with high potential, who have detailed plans for achieving larger, later stage milestones. We will go in early, invest in many.

A new angel group, moving with urgency
Via a combination of education, peer-based activation, and targeted profiling, the firm will provide a new generation of active angels with community and a platform to facilitate their investing activity.

The combination makes it possible to support great startups at a critical stage. Together, we will extend runways and add capacity by accelerating the velocity to a startup’s first funding.

Interested in joining the action?

This is an ambitious effort that requires the support of an active angel community. Please send us your information so that we can start the discussion around your interest(s) in accelerating the success of Minnesota's early stage startups.